Each of us can be understood as a seed: within us lies the potential for greatness and the potential to stand up tall and bask in the sunshine and weather the storms of our lives. Yet, we do not do well alone, planted out there on the field in a dearth of greenery. We grow best when learning with and from others, nurturing and teaching one another like ‘companion’ plants growing alongside each other.

For more detail, please read my teaching statement.

Here are a list of some of the university courses I have taught:

  • Teaching adults
  • Work and learning in adult education
  • Globalization, development, and adult education
  • Adult learning, social movements, and popular education
  • Community and adult education
  • Academic writing of educational research
  • Social foundations of education
  • Social issues in education
  • Politics of education
  • Teacher training and professional development: Graduate Student Instructors, clinical instructors.